These Main Chapters and their Sub-headings give a general view of the contents.

CHAPTER 1. The Meaningful Form
• Foundation of Knowledge and Energy •Arjuna's Doubt • The Doubt of the Modern Man • The Sun, A Nucleus of Physical and Spiritual Laws

CHAPTER 2. The Spiritual Concept of Evolution
• Chidaakaasha, the Super-space of Consciousness • Praana

CHAPTER 3. Yajna - the Selfless Action
• Born of Spiritual Rhythm and Promoter of Spiritual Rhythm • The Forward Thrust of Spiritual Laws • The Trend of Evolution.• What is Consciousness • The Gaayathri Mantra

CHAPTER 4. The Spiritual Laws of Life
• The Way of the Rishi and the Scientist • Ethical Values and the Nature's Law of Yajna •Soorya Geetha - A Dialogue between Soorya and His Charioteer Aruna• A Practical Science •Develop Social Consciousness • Combine Action and Contemplation • Elevating the Nature of Action • A problem of Modern Psychology • Athma Bodha - Self Awareness •A New Meaning of "Understanding" • Science and Religion • Expanding the Light Within

• Exploring the Depths • The Eternal Fact •The Paths of the Sun and the Moon and the relative planes of Existence • The All-knowing Sages • The Symbolic Concept of Mithra-Varuna • The Helio-centric View • The Velocity of Light • Obeisance to Soorya-Naarayana

CHAPTER 5. Sun Worship through the Ages

CHAPTER 6. Greater Dimensions of Self
• The Gaayatri Mantra • Soorya Naadi and Soorya Loka • The Sun as Deity
• Sooryopaasana • The Aadithya Hridaya Sthothram • Festival and Fasts Related to Sun Worship

CHAPTER 7. Temples of Sun God
• The Sun-temple of Marhand, Kashmir • The Sun-temple of Osia, Rajasthan • The Sun-temple of Modhera, Gujarat • The Sun Temple of Konarak, Orissa • Thr Sun-temple of Sooryanarkoil, Tamilnadu • Location and Positioning of Sun temples and Cosmic Geometry

CHAPTER 8. The Sun Hymns
• Aadithya Hridayam • Sooryashtakam

CHAPTER 9. Sooryanamaskaram