These Main Chapters and their Sub-headings give a general view of the contents.
CHAPTER 1. Sri Dharma Shaastha Worship - A Tuning to Advaithic Consciousness
• Thath Thvam Asi • A Natural Urge to Know Oneself • The Two-fold Inquiry
• Evolutionary Unfoldment • Personal and Impersonal • Thaaraka Brahman

CHAPTER 2. The Integration of Dharma Shaastha and Sri Ayyappa
• The Speciality of the Puraana-s • The Bhoothanaathopaakhyaanam, the Puraana on Dharma Shaastha • The Annihilation of the Time Factor • A Glimpse of History • Symbolism of the Puraanic Story • An Integrated Spiritual Movement • An Evolving Cultural Flow

CHAPTER 3. The Pilgrimage
• Significance of Temple Worship • Spirituality and the Mastery over the Mind
• The Pre-pilgrimage Observances • The Initial Rituals • The Vellam-kudi, a Group Oriented Ritual • The Padukka • The Aazhi Pooja • The Pilgrimage Begins- the Kettunira Ceremony • The Kettunira Ritual and the Significance of Irumudikettu • Symbolism of Irumudikettu • The Significance of the Nei-thenga• The Journey • The Petta Tullal at Erumeli • The Appearance of the Auspicious Eagle • Azhutha • Kallidumkunnu and Inchippaara • Don't 'Improve' this Forest Path • Mukkuzhi • Karimala • Valiyaanathaavalam • Pampa • The Pitrubali at Pampa • Pampaasadhya and
Pampaa-vilakku • Neelimala • Appaachimedu • Sabaripeedam • Saramkuttiyaal • Sannidhanam - The presence

• The Pathinettaampadi - the Eighteen Sacred Steps • Sannidhaanam, the Divine Presence

CHAPTER 4. Major Ceremonies During the Pilgrimage Season
• The Thanthri-s of Sabarimala • Investiture of Mel-Shaanthi, the Chief Priest
• Mandala Kaalam, the Period of Mandala and the Temple Festival • A Symbolic Ritual • Mandala Pooja • Pandalam Palace and Thiruvaabharanam Procession • Makara Samkrama Pooja and Makara Jyothi • The Rites that Mark the Finale

CHAPTER 5. Practice of Japa in Ayyappa Worship - The Significance of Sharana Manthra
• The Sharana -Manthra • The Importance of Vratha-s, Religious Austerities
• Homam and Homa-kundam

CHAPTER 6. Women and Sabarimala Pilgrimage

CHAPTER 7. Maintaining the Forest Environment
CHAPTER 8. Ayyappa Shrines of Kerala

CHAPTER 9. Ayyappa Shrines in Other States of India and Abroad

CHAPTER 10. National Integration and Sri Ayyappa Worship

CHAPTER 11. Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham

CHAPTER 12. Hymns on Sri Dharma Shaastha


Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham

Yeoman service is being rendered to pilgrims by the Akhila Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham, the manifestation of a noble idea of service to pilgrims dawned in the mind of Dr. P. A. Velayudhan Pillai, a pious Ayyappa devotee and professor of Medical College, Thiruvanadapuram, during the pilgrimage season in 1944. Today it has grown to be one of the foremost voluntary organisations in India. Information about the Sangham and its mission can be obtained by visiting the website:

Dr. P. S. Velayudan Pillai,  the founder