Several questions are raised about the rationale of worship in temples and there prevail many wrong notions owing to inadequate information or misguided propaganda.

Although worship in temples is a major aspect of Indian culture, and its practical efficacy is experienced by thousands, there exist many misconceptions. In fact, there is a well-coordinated science behind the very concept of temples and the mode of worship, which takes into account the subtle facts of the universe and man's relationship with them. The principles involved in temple worship, which are not well known are lucidly and convincingly presented in this book. The book has been welcomed, irrespective of religious and national differences, for its rational inquiry and the presentation of the relevance of temples in assuaging the stress and tensions of modern life and for explaining their efficacy in the realization of the higher human potentials.

Unless rational information on such subjects is passed on to the young generations, they will lose touch with a precious heritage and if they are well informed, it will help them to remove the dross that gathered around it through ages and maintain the knowledge ever brighter.

And they really yearn for the deeper fact

In the 'Temple Times', a journal of the Mahalakshmi Temple Society, U.S.A., the following dilemma of a student was published some time ago: "When I go to our temple, I do only what my parents tell me to do. I do not really know what I am doing. I just know that my parents tell me what I can and cannot do and I go about my business. That is the way I have known my religion for fifteen years. I have heard many children both my age and older, who say that they do not understand our religion very well either.... Something must be done to help us better orient ourselves to our religion."

This is not the case only with the youth abroad. A student wrote to us from Madurai, in Tamilnadu, India, thus: "Though I did adhere to our culture we follow, I was doing it blindly. I did not know the 'why'. Your book POWER IN TEMPLES has kindled in me the urge to know the deeper facts."

Dr. G.V. Raghu, President, The Hindu Temple
Atlanta P.O. Box 751 Riverdale, USA, writes about the book

"With great pleasure I convey you my appreciation of the wonderful book, Power in Temples: A Modern Perspective, which I had read recently. Most of us attend temples with great faith and devotion but understand very little of the well-coordinated science and significance behind temple construction, consecration of Deities, ceremonies, etc. Your book goes a long way in giving guidance and scientific explanation for many of our questions. The book reinforces faith in the efficacy of temple worship and its relevance in alleviating the tensions and problems of modern life bringing Man in blissful communion with the Almighty. The thought-provoking book is well brought out with many illustrations. I strongly recommend this book to every temple worshipper, to the skeptics and the temple administrators."