Many go to temples and enjoy the holy and serene atmosphere there for a while, but very few really know the significance of going to temples, the meaning of worshipping a particular Deity, the meaning of different Mudras and postures of Deities...Srikant has done great service by bringing out this book making the information easily available....There is no wonder that such books are becoming popular. They should reach the hands of everyone so that he or she may possess the right knowledge.
-Swami Satchidananda
Anandashram, Kanhangad, South India

The book is an impassioned but vigorous plea for re-evaluating the meaning and importance of the Hindu heritage. Such plea is vitally necessary today. The author, Srikant, deserves special compliments for making available these refreshing waters to soothe the souls of those sweating in the heat of materialistic views.
-Swami Nityabodhananda
Former President, Vedanta Centre,
Geneva, Switzerland

Perhaps this book would have been scoffed at some thirty years ago, but not today when the scientific temper of the times has changed dramatically. Some of the modern leaders of science speak boldly of the existence of a subtle energy which is supraphysical and beyond the limits of space and time.... The author of this remarkable book examines some of these perceptions and shows how most of them have been glimpsed, experienced and systematized in the occult sciences of the ancients.
-Shri M.P. Pandit
Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondichery,
(from review in 'The Advent')

The book has given me many insights into Indian culture and the relationship between science and religion.
-Mr. Thomas R. Pickering
former U.S. Ambassador to India

Your books are for open-minded people with a western (read, scientific) bent for whom the myriad complexities of Hindu ritual and Indian cultural anomalies are deterrents to further inquiry. I have had at least one such person read your books with the predictable result that they piqued his curiosity for more and gave him a frame of reference from which he could view Hindu Dharma. Your series can be a bridge over a yawning gap in people's perceptions and understanding.
-Ms. Kathleen M. Daniel
Texas, U.S.A.

I feel that it is important work that you are doing by seeking the truth and sifting out the superstition and misunderstanding that have developed through the ages.
-Ms. Patricia Pompa
Blue Island, U.S.A.

When I was in Bangalore last December, I bought an excellent book entitled 'Power in Temples' by Srikant... I would like to have details of other books published by 'Integral Books'.
-Mr. Robert. J. Goodman
Poshelo-Estacton, Spain

The book by an author whose erudition is quite obvious and matched only by his abundant passion for Hindu thought, encompasses a much wider canvas than the title would suggest...The author provides scintillating fare on the subtle nexus that exists between the Creator, Cosmos and Man...The explanation of the interlocking symbolism is indeed very beautiful.... Temple worship could not have been better defended.... A book written lucidly and rich in contents...A valuable addition to iconographic information and temple-craft literature.
-'The Hindu' (From review)

The book is a logical analysis of the deeper significance of Hindu temples and how they assist in the evolution of human beings towards the higher stages of existence and ultimately to spiritual liberation.... The significance of temples is so well presented that anyone who visits a temple after reading this book will have new perceptions...The printing and get-up are excellent and the reader will benefit considerably in knowledge and faith by reading it.
-'Indian Express' (from review)

The book proves in a satisfying manner, in the idiom of the modern man, that the power potential of God is present in a drawable state in temples..... The reader will immensely benefit through a perusal of this immaculately produced work, fragrantly illustrated with a burst of sacred illustrations in colour and sketch.
-'Astrological Magazine' (from review)

The book reinforces the faith of the devout in temples and dispels the doubts of the skeptics.... A refreshing feature of Srikant's approach is that he bases his thesis on the views of eminent scientists regarding human consciousness and energy.
-'Bhavan's Journal' (from review)

Beautifully blending science with religion, the book 'Power in Temples' dispels the doubts of the skeptics and reinforces the faith of the devout.
-'East and West Series'
(from review)

We held a seminar on the book 'Power in Temples'. My students appreciated your scientific approach. It is one of the best books on temples that I have read - convincing, scientific and beautifully produced.
-Dr.G.C. Aithal
Mangalore University

Illustrations in colour- 45 ;B&W 37.
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