"The book by an author whose erudition is quite obvious and matched by his abundant passion for Hindu thought, encompasses a much wider canvas than the title would suggest "
                                                                                                                 - from review in 'The Hindu'

These Main Chapters and their Sub-headings give a general view of the contents.

CHAPTER 1 - The Dilemma of the Modern Man
• Rishi and the Scientist •Stepping Beyond the Senses • An Exciting Field for Science • A Modern Challence •Old Concepts and the New • Hinduism: A Science of Supreme Expansion.

CHAPTER 2 - Modern Science and India's Ancient Knowledge
• Science Explores the Nature of Mind • A Bold Step Forward • Mikhailova Experiment and the Unknown Form of Energy • Widening Scope of Nuclear Physics • An Adventurous Expansion • Rishis Speak of Paraa-Shakthi • Max Planck Speaks about the Power of the Spirit in Matter • Can We Activate the Power of the Spirit? • Science Discovers Pranamaya Kosha • Kirlian Photography

CHAPTER 3 - Temples and Spiritual Energy
• Science Raises Strange Questions • New Light on Chakra-s, Yantra-s, etc • The Agama Texts • Human Progress • Significance of Panchaloha Alloy • The Secret of the 'Left' • Science in Temples

CHAPTER 4 - DEITY-Individualization of the Omnipresent
• Mantra-s and Idols • Brahman and Ishwara • The Vibration Supreme • God, Universe and Man •Chakra-s, the Wheels of Evolution • The Deity •Evolving the Personal Deity • Symbolism of the Temple • Construction of the Temple • The Various Stages • Infusion of Power • The Grand Design • A Question • The Symbolic Mirror • The Human Condition •Symbols of Inner Freedom • The Basic Oneness • Temple - A Crystalized Concept of Unity in Diversity • A Sage Clears a King's Doubt about Temples • The Practical Relevance • The Need of a New Approach •Thantra Samuchchayam

CHAPTER 5 - Reality - Personal and Impersonal
• The Unrestrained Reality •A Natural

Evolutionary Urge • Mastery of the Mind • The Practise of Japa • A Scholar of Dialectical Materialism on India's Sages

CHAPTER 6 - Infusing Power in the Idol and the Consecration
• Germination of Seeds and Bio-Energy • Enhancing the Power in the Old Idol • The Five Stages of Evolution •Symbolic Opening of the Eye • Ceremony of Immersion • Seeking Permission •Withdrawing the Power • Condensing the Power • Brahma Kalasham and the Consecration of the idol

CHAPTER 7 - Some Revealing Experiments
• Dr. L. C. Soans' Experiments • Dr. Narendran's Experiments • Temples of Jeeva Samadhi •Location and Positioning of Sun Temples and Cosmic Geometry

CHAPTER 8 - Science of Man's Progress to Divinity
• The Secret of Acupuncture and Marma Vidya • Kundalini • Special Aspects of Divine Power • To Be in Communion with the Divine • The Expanding Freedom • Miraculous Cures and Devotional Disciplines • Cyclic Principle of the Universe • Temples Resurrect

CHAPTER 9 - New Dimensions
• The Threat of the Ash Demon • Poison before Amrita • Quality and Quantity • Spiritual Crisis of the West •Make Life a Music • West in Search of a New Era of Innner Security • Elevate Life in Every Respect • Universal Man - the Goal of Hinduism • Be Always Modern • India's Basic Scientific Temper • The Science of Evolutionary Values • Separate Essence from the Dross • Man's Real Power • India's Role

Between the main chapters there are some 'Interlinking Topics', which shed light on the various aspects of Hindu philosophy that will facilitate understanding of the subject.

Interlinking Topics
1. Madhur Srimad Ananteshwara Vinaayaka Temple 2. The Shrine of Sri Rajaraajeshwara 3. Kanyakumari 4 Lord Ayyappa, Symbol of Equality and Brotherhood 5 Symbolism of Garuda, the eagle-mount of Lord Vishnu 6. Guruvaayurappan, the Eternal Companion 7. Mahatma Gandhi on Idol Worship 8. The Dwaarapaalaka-s, Symbolism 9. Sri Mookambika, Mother the Merciful 10. Sri-chakram, the Form of the Formless 11.Dwaja-stambham - the Flag Staff and the Vehicles of Deities 12.Sri Venkateshwara, Tirumala-Tirupati 13. Parabrahman at Ochira 14. Payyanur Sri Subrahmanya Swami Temple 15. Holy Ganga is Everywhere 16. Worshipping Lord Shiva by Chanting Lord Vishnu's Name 17. Matter, Vibrations and Information 18. Intelligence and Nervous System 19. Sri Hanuman, A Superb Revelation of Transcendental Evolution 20.Relevant to All 21. Diversity Converging Towards Unity 22. Erotic Sculptures in Temples 23. The Interlinks in Life 24. Creative Destruction 25. Mother, the Terrible 26. Sri Krishna Temple,Udupi 27. Dharmasthala 28. From Darkness to Light 29. An Enlightening Interview.