"One vision I see as life before me: that the ancient Mother India
has awakened once more, sitting on Her throne
rejuvenated, more glorious than ever."
- Swami Vivekananda

Our publishing mission is oriented to present the rationale of India's spiritual heritage,
integrating the ancient insights and the modern scientific worldview, which is gradually veering towards the ancient wisdom.

Vast areas of the spiritual heritage, which can guide mankind to further evolutionary progress and the realization of higher potentials, are ignored because of the lack of clues to link them with the modern rational perspective. Our publications are designed to bridge this gap; and readers from different walks of life welcome them as they facilitate intellectual assimilation of the ancient wisdom. A deeper awareness of the life-enriching values of the spiritual heritage is a necessity of our times to avert the calamities caused by today's over-emphasized materialistic concepts and to help evolve the higher possibilities of human life.

Human mind invariably needs spiritual nourishment to live a life of harmony and fulfillment. India abounds in many holy places where in solitude, amidst wondrous scenic beauty, many a seeker of Truth made his inward pilgrimage to Reality, penetrating into what is impenetrable to our ordinary senses and unravelling the great secrets of life. The ancient texts of philosophy and traditional sciences contain the wisdom of those great explorers, which if well searched into will yield gems of knowledge that can creatively revolutionize life in today's strife-torn world.

The Science of Human Possibilities
Today the world over, man is in search of a philosophy of life that satisfies the intellect and helps express the higher possibilities of life. About the greater human possibilities, the eminent biologist and thinker Sir Julian Huxley says: "Once greater fulfillment of life is recognized as man's ultimate and dominant aim, we shall need a science of human possibilities to help guide the long course of psycho-social evolution that lies ahead."

'Integral Books' seeks to make its contributions for the evolution of this new science of human possibilities through an integrated presentation of the ancient spiritual insights and the new philosophical vision slowly emerging from the field of modern science.

The Human Brain
The primeval protoplasmic throb that occurred millions of years ago on the earth finally evolved into the enigmatic phenomenon, the HUMAN BEING - one who wonders about one's own existence and the mystery of the universe and continues his quest to know whether there are still higher reaches for him!

The human brain, a conditioned manifestation of the Supreme Reality with infinite potentials, which Hindu philosophy calls BRAHMAN, has in it the latent faculties to unravel the mystery of life because it has the inherent ability to commune with that basic Source.

"THE MOST BEAUTIFUL and the most profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the source of all true art and science.... To know what is impenetrable to us really exist, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling is at the centre of all true religiousness."
--Albert Einstein

The Meaning of Life
The meaning of life and its basis were the subject of engrossing inquiries of generations of bold and unbiased seekers of ancient India. Modern biologists say that since the emergence of man millenniums ago there has not been much structural change in his brain. It follows that to whatever subject that receptive organ of knowledge is applied to, its deeper secrets would be revealed to it, irrespective of whether it was done in the ancient past or in modern times.

The Master Minds of India with a high sense of cultural commitment for helping the further evolution of man wrote down what they discovered about the facts and possibilities of life, often in symbolic story forms. The texts of philosophy and traditional sciences mankind inherits from them are mines of knowledge about the deeper and consoling facts of life and universe that would help evolve mankind to the highest stages of freedom.

Human Freedom
Despite the increasing luxuries of life, today, than ever before, man is suffering from stress and strain, fear and anxiety. He craves for a deeper philosophy that can bring him satisfying knowledge about himself and his place in the universe, for, as the ancient Seer declares in the Svetasvatara Upanishad: "Men may through their technical skill even roll up the sky like a leather, still there will be no end of sorrow for them without realizing the luminous One within."

" These meaningful words uttered a few thousand years ago are proving so prophetic today when the deadly weapons man has invented applying his best technological skill is threatening to devour him and destroy this beautiful planet! In such a situation, the spiritual wisdom of the ancient sages can save man from the catastrophe he has created.

The Need of Our Times
As Sri Aurobindo points out the need of the times is "to extract from it what can help us or the world at large and to put it in the most natural and vital form and expression we can find that will be suitable to the mentality and helpful to the spiritual needs of our present-day humanity." An intellectual assimilation of the ancient wisdom is a need of our times for its application to enrich human life.

Our Special Orientation
Our publications are oriented to fulfill this vital educative need. A generation brought up in a background of modern scientific and technological education is getting alienated from the wisdom and values of this precious heritage of mankind. Today's materialistically dominant educational system does not offer any effective means to inculcate life-enriching spiritual and ethical values. The cultural atmosphere is further vitiated by the distorted propaganda against India's traditional wisdom and its broad-based spiritual vision. This calls for intensive intellectual and educative campaigns to make people, in India and abroad, conscious of the great treasures they inherit from the seers of Truth. An updated presentation of the heritage is a vital need of our times to promote a resurgent interest and faith in it's perennial values.

Research Promotion
Many of India's traditional sciences call for purposeful research for their better comprehension and best utilization. There were times when the spiritual knowledge and traditional sciences were effectively applied for the well-being of the society; many such traditional treasures were lost because they were ignored and not reassessed and reformulated according to the need of the changing circumstances. In the ensuing stagnancy, a vast area of such knowledge remains unexplored. Promotion of research in this direction and the rediscovery of the traditional knowledge is one of our avowed objectives.

The dross gathered around the heritage, which obscures its real value, has to be removed to restore its pristine glory. It can be achieved only through a rational reassessment of the ancient knowledge, and our publications are devoted to this need.

Communications we receive indicate that the books serve to instill deeper interest in many, especially the young generation, who are losing contact with the profound heritage. They are also proving successful in giving clues to people abroad about the right perspective for a clearer understanding of India and her cultural and spiritual traditions. The steadily increasing acceptance and welcome for our publications inspire us very much and this goodwill will certainly bring this mission Godspeed.