These Main Chapters and their Sub-headings give a general view of the contents.

CHAPTER 1. Modern Man and Pilgrimage
• Discovering the Life of the Spirit •A Centre of Spiritual Power

CHAPTER 2. The Temple of Divine Mother
• Accommodation •Revitalizing •Divine Mother •The Jyotirlinga and Its Significance •Aadi Shankara's Beatific Vision •Divine Mother • The Form and Its Meaning • The Accompanying Deities •Many Gods •A Practical Philosophy of Human Evolution •Open Yourself to Divine Action • Many Systems and One Goal • Work, Worship and Knowledge • Ancient Discoveries and Modern Science •Kundalini •Spiritual
Expansion •Sri-chakram

CHAPTER 3. The Legend and Its Message
•The Demon of Darkness •Darkness Realizes the Glory of Light •The Message of the Legend •The Cause of Evil •The Divine Grace •Poojas •Festivals
•Festivals Herald a New Hope

CHAPTER 4. The Holy Places Around
•Cool, serene Souparnika •The Legendary Shukla Theertham and Maasthikatte
•Sri Krishna Temple and Madhu Theertham •Exhilarating Pilgrimage to Kudajaadri and Chitramoola • Two Temples •The Ganapathi Guha •Unforgettable Heights of Mystic Charm •Shivaratri atop Kudajaadri •An Adventurous Decent to Chitramoola Cave • Maintain the Sacredness of Kudajaadri •Arasana Kund •Govinda Theertham - Nature's Unique Shower Bath

CHAPTER 5. Sri Mahalakshmi Ashtakam