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The forms of Gods are books of profound spiritual wisdom. Knowledge derived from enquiry after Truth from various angles are condensed in them. In fact, the great seers embodied their wisdom into these forms. There prevail some misconceptions about the divine forms largely because of an inadequate understanding of the spiritual vision of the Rishi-s, who explored into the riddle of life. The series 'Alphabet of Reality' is a search for such knowledge involved in the Divine Forms.

In this series we have published two books 1. Sri Ganesha 2. Sun-god Soorya.
The journal 'Yuva Bharati' in a review writes about these books: "The author has dealt with the significance behind these divine forms from the scientific, historical and Upaasana points of view....Parents and teachers will find these books extremely useful in explaining to the youth the scientific basis of worship of Brahman in various forms."


Revised Third Edition
Know the profound facts and let others know them.
As the fragrant petals of knowledge unfold themselves, the book takes the reader to a world of profound insight which is at once scientific and spiritual. The significance of the unique form of Sri Ganesha and the legends are explained through a lucid presentation integrating the spiritual insights and the rational perspective. The book powerfully and logically exposes the irrationality of the 'Freudian interpretation' of the Ganesha concept by Prof. Paul Courtright, Emory University, USA, and by promoting the right concepts counters such deceptive efforts to denigrate a profound culture of universal value.

Review by Dr.Ved Chaudhary, President, HICAD, USA

I enjoyed reading the book, Sri Ganesha by Srikant, published by Integral Books, Kerala. This book is the first in a series of books the author intends to publish on the Significance of Divine Forms. I looked at the book from the viewpoint of Hindu parents in US who face the challenge of teaching their children about their faith. School and college textbooks and reference material routinely feed misinformation about Hinduism. For these parents, Integral Books has undertaken a very much needed and timely endeavor indeed.

The concise 144 page book on Sri Ganesa explains in a comprehensive but logical, and rational way, the hidden meanings and concepts behind the birth and the form of Sri Ganesha. It's an admirable treatise full of vast amount of pertinent information extracted from various Hindu scriptures and faithfully translated and explained with subtle nuances. Apropos, this information is presented in the larger context of theory, philosophy, and universal tenets of Hinduism, so it all makes a complete sense together - or as the young people would say, it all hangs together.

Hindu parents need such books that explain the hidden meanings and concepts behind the forms of Hindu deities. Many parents only know simple Puranic stories about the birth and form of deities (for example, the elephant head of Ganesha) but they are themselves not knowledgeable about the deeper meanings behind the Puranic stories. Children who look for a rational explanation get turned off by the Puranic stories without the accompanying deeper meaning. Thus they are ripe for accepting any perverse theories presented by evangelical missionaries cloaked as teachers, professors or authors, the likes of Paul Courtright, Professor of Religion at Emory, a Methodist Christian university, who wrote profanities about Ganesha, Shiva and Parvati in his infamous and now thoroughly discredited book "Ganesha --The God of Obstacles". Such evangelical missionaries use their academic freedom to create repulsion in the minds of their students about Hinduism.

I look forward to see more books on the Significance of Divine Forms in the series of Integral Books as an anti-dote to such misinformation.

Please order the book and bring it to the attention of others to clear the misconceptions being created by the vested interests and to know the profound facts of this unique Divine Form.

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