These Main Chapters and their Sub-headings give a general view of the contents.

Foreword by Swami Mridananda, Sri Ramakrishna Math

CHAPTER 1. The Form and Its Significance
An analytical study of the unique form of Sri Ganesha, explaining every aspect from the tiny rat mount to the Elephant face. Know how this mystifying figure signifies the theme of the evolution of consciousness from its primitive state to the transcendental Divine Consciousness and how it shows the way and goal of the future evolution of man. The chapter integrates the modern biological knowledge and the profound spiritual vision.

CHAPTER 2. Meaningful Legends
This chapter reveals the rationale of the several legends latent with profound symbolic wisdom. The reader immediately realizes the irrelevance of the 'Freudian interpretation' of these legends by the vested interests and how the legends shed light on the deeper facts of human life and its possibilities.

CHAPTER 3. Devotional Worship
Presents the various spiritual aspects of Sri Ganesha which can be invoked for the materaial and spiritual progress of human life. The16 most important form aspects of Sri Ganesha are presented with illustrations and the Dhyaana Sloka-s, the hymns for mediation (in Sanskrit with transliteration in Roman script) potent with special effects.The various aspects of Sri Ganesha worship are revealed.


CHAPTER 4. A Glimpse into History
A historical perspective and the possible pre-vedic origin.

CHAPTER5.SriGanesha Sthothras
Spiritually powerful Sri Ganesha hymns for worship and meditation.

CHAPTER 6.Temples of Sri Ganesha
Some major centers of Sri Ganesha worship including Sri Ashta -Vinaayaka Temples of Maharashtra, with illustrations.

CHAPTER 7.Sri Ganesha Worship Abroad
A brief account of Sri Ganesha worship that prevailed in several countries from ancient times.
Sri Ganesha Sthothra-s -Powerful hymns on Sri Ganesha

CHAPTER 8.The 'Milk Miracle' - A Reassessment
A study of the strange incident that occurred in September 1995. This chapter is included in the book as the incident was related to icons of Sri Ganesha. This illustrated reassessment from different angles raises the question: Should such incidents be left unexplored?
A Freudian Misinterpretation and Denigration of a Profound Divine Theme
This chapter exposes the absurdity, profanity and the ulterior motives behind the 'Freudian interpretation' by Prof. Paul Courtright.