Sri Ganesha's form is a representation of Pranavam (OM ), the causative primeval vibration of Divine Energy with infinite potentials,  in its eventual manifestation as the infinite phenomena of the universe.  Propitiating Sri Ganesha before the beginning of every important action or event is meant to activate this most powerful Divine Energy. For harmony, peace and progress let us all invoke Lord Ganesha, the Divine Dynamism within us.
"I  love India 
not because I cultivate the idolatry of geography, not because 
          I have had the chance to be born in her soil, but because she has saved 
          through tumultuous ages the living words that have issued forth from 
          the illumined consciousness of her great sons."

—Rabindranath Tagore

Bringing closer insight and reason and steering clear of the obscurantism and the dross gathered through the ages, our publications present a modern perspective of this profound cultural and spiritual heritage that survived millenniums because of its deep roots in Truth and universality.

By ordering for the books you are supporting a mission, which would bring to light many illuminating facts about India and her culture.

We give special attention to:

—Elegant get-up, aesthetic layout
—Lucidity and clarity of expression in expounding the deep spiritual principles.
— Probing into the fields of spirituality and science, highlighting their meeting points and exploring further for a deeper understanding of life and universe.
— Thought-provoking presentation of the inner meaning of the symbolic stories in the Puranas and other texts and of the various divine forms and mystic diagrams, etc., which are treasures of sublime knowledge that guides man to transcend his limitations and evolve.
— Research-oriented studies on disciplines like astrology, Ayurveda, etc., to promote a clearer insight into such profound traditional sciences that shed light into the greater dimensions of man.
— Bringing to light rare and illuminating ancient texts of traditional sciences and philosophy.