The pilgrimage to the Sabarimala temple is gaining world-wide appeal. This unique experience in which millions participate assumes special importance in the tension-ridden modern times as it provides a period of Yogic disciplines that bestow spiritual strength and harmony to life. During the season of pilgrimage, millions move towards the shrine of Sabarimala deep within the lush green tropical forests of the Sahya mountain ranges, to worship Lord Ayyappa.
It is the universal spiritual vision transcending religious limitations and an opportunity for a period of holistic spiritual disciplines to reinforce the body, mind and Spirit that inspire them to take part in this unparalleled pilgrimage. The book is an exploration into the depths of the spiritual journey, which is part of man's eternal quest to know his relation with the Supreme Reality

Size : Demi Octavo, Pages : 160, Colour Photographs : 44, B& W: 29
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