The famous shrine of Divine Mother Sri Mookambika at Kollur, about 150 km north-east of Mangalore city in Karnaka State, houses the beautiful idol of Divine Mother. Surrounded by the enchanting and serene Sahya Mountain ranges and dense forests, the temple has been a great center of spiritual splendour from time immemorial. Standing with devotion before the ancient image of Divine Mother, one establishes communion with the Uncaused Cause, the Supreme Mother of all, whatever that is.

The temple is on the valley of the awe-inspiring 5000-peak pyramidal peak Kudajadri covered with dense tropical forests called Ambaavanam, the Gardens of Divine Mother. Kudajadri is a mysterious mountain with several caves where many an ancient Rishi had his adventurous inward journey to Freedom.

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The author takes into account both the external and internal aspects of pilgrimage and guides the reader step by step. The internal aspect, viz. the mental preparation of a pilgrim, is a vital factor in any pilgrimage. Pilgrim centers are mainly centers of spiritual power. The primary object of undertaking any pilgrimage mustr be to avil oneself of that power. The author has rightly given this factor due importance. The discussion on the necessity of pilgrimage, the role it plays in life, the greatness of Mother worship, etc. will undoubtedly enable a sincere pilgrim to derive the utmost spiritual benefit from his undertaking. …This is a 'complete' guide in the fullest sense of the term. To Mookambika pilgrims this book is a must, to others, here is a book from which they can know much about pilgrimage.
- Vedanta Kesari , journal of Sri Ramakrishna Math

The book, apart from giving details about the exact location of the temple and the means of reaching it, contains also an exposition of the philosophy behind the worship of the Supreme Being as the Mother of the Universe. The language is lucid and delightful and elevates the mind of the reader to spiritual heights….The printing and get-up are excellent. There are a number of photographs, which help the reader to understand the descriptions in the book. The book will be found very useful not only by those who wish to visit the temple and worship there but also by those who want to get detailed information about the temple which is well known as an important centre of pilgrimage.
- Tapovan Prasad, journal of Chinmaya Mission

Size: crown octavo Pages: 96, Colour Photographs: 25, Black and White Photographs and Illustrations : 27, Price: In India Rs 60.00, Price Abroad: US$7:00 or equivalent, Price abroad includes postage by registered airmail. Tamil and Malayalam Editions are also available.