This is the first part of a book that highlights from a biological perspective the Bhagavad-gita, the beloved text of all seekers of Truth. The book covers the first two chapters which contain the salient points that are expounded in this great science of human evolution to higher stages of consciousness and Freedom.

SRI KRISHNA, our eternal companion, invites us to sit in the chariot beside Arjuna. We hear the tumultous sounds of drums, conches, the war cries and as the chariot moves on we slowly realize that we are being conveyed to an entirely different world - a world of reassurance and inspiration and peace bestowed by a profound knowledge about ourselves and our relation with the universe.


Spiritual scientists should emerge as a new class of investigators. The book is an excellent beginning and its results can be harvested only when it reaches the understanding of the millions of the masses.
-Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer, former Supreme Court Judge and writer

I have gone through your book on the Bhagavad-gita with the delight of something new being discovered.
-Prof.Vishnu Narayan Nambudiri, reputed Malayalam Poet

Every sentence took me to deeper thinking. I realize how defective our educational system is, as the higher facts of life are not considered biologically significant.
-Dr. Jeevanandan Bojappan, M.S., Mch., Plastic Surgeon, Chennai

The very name 'A Biological Introduction to the Bhagavad-Gita' aroused in me such curiosity that I started reading the book as soon as it came to my hand. It is one of those rare books I have read; so valuable, so beautiful and so useful that any sincere seeker after Truth will gain a lot from it for his or her spiritual upliftment
-Mr. K.P.A. Rahim, social leader

The book is just splendid. How I wish you would bring out a Malayalam version for our youngsters. These ideas MUST BE spread far and wide especially among our youth as early as possible.
-Prof. John C. Jacob, biologist and Editor of the journal 'Prasadam'

At the present time things in our land often seem gloomy with an undesirable urge for an aggressive pursuit of a rabidly consumerist way of life….The work you are engaged in seems to me one of the signs of the dawn that will soon be upon the land of ours. The value of your work is not merely for this country, but for all mankind, in enabling it to understand its real nature, and evolve in accordance with the laws of that nature.
-Mr. S.V. Subramanian, Chennai

The theme remains 'ever young' and the book should find wide circulation.
-Mr. Jurgen Berg, Germany